Quality Policy:

  • We are totally committed to customer delight through operational excellence, innovation and continuous improvement of Quality.

A dedicated Quality Assurance Team:

  • From day one at Agora, a dedicated Quality Assurance Team has been created to make sure that all rules, processes, specifications guaranteeing the Quality of our products and the safety of our stores are properly understood and implemented.
  • The Quality assurance team monitors strictly the cleanliness, the hygiene of the premises and safety in store.

Our audit procedure:

  • Every month at least 6 suppliers audits take place
  • More than two hundreds visits have taken place in the last three years
  • We focus on the following areas: Product Quality Specifications, Resources Methods, Materials, Personal Hygiene, and Product Preservation.

First Achievements:

  • Agora has been the first Retailer to be certified ISO 9001:2008 in 2010. Implementing ISO 9001:2008 has enabled a continuous improvement of Agora’s quality management systems (QMS) on the following topics: resources methods, materials, personal hygiene and environment through a formal audit checklist.
  • Our store in Gulshan has been the first in Bangladesh to be certified ISO 22000:2005 FSMS (Food Safety Management System) by Global SGS Company in 2016. This certification is a landmark achievement of Agora which ensures all products in Agora are safe for human consumption.
  • Agora was also the first to make a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with “Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research” (BCSIR) in November 2012. This was the first private/public venture in Bangladesh.
  • Our dedicated QA team does monthly audit in all stores checking the outlet’s cleanliness, hygiene, product’s quality parameters, personal hygiene and shopping environment.
  • Agora has a permanent relationship with the Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute (BLRI) for controlling food borne pathogens.


  • Agora has a strict set of specifications for all fruits and vegetables (formalin, insect/mud free, rot, fungal), fishes (formalin, color, eye), meat (blood clot, fat, weight, water), etc...
  • We maintain quality and weight specifications in our perishable items- like fish, meat, vegetables, etc…
  • We regularly send the perishable and food products to the Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) for sample tests of formaldehyde, calcium carbide, DDT, chromium, etc…

Agora is totally dedicated to implement the most demanding international standards in Bangladesh and striving to offer an uncompromising quality to our dear guests every day.