History Of RahimAfrooz
History Of RahimAfrooz

History Of RahimAfrooz

Over time, Rahimafrooz was born in 1954 and has grown in size. The Group today has eight Strategic Business (SBUs), a few other business ventures and a not for profit social enterprise. Rahimafrooz operates in four broad segments — Storage Power, Automotive & Electronics, Energy and Retail.

Rahimafrooz Superstores Ltd. (RSL) made a breakthrough in Bangladesh by launching Agora the first modern Retail chain in 2001. Agora is endeavoring to fulfill the everyday shopping needs of our guests through great price, right assortment, best quality and best service. Currently there are 14 Agora outlets in Dhaka and one in Chittagong and one in Sylhet with more coming up.

Agora mainly focuses on food items ranging from a wide variety of fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, bakery, dairy, grocery and also carries a vast array of household and personal care.

At Agora we are always ready to deliver to our customers an exciting shopping experience in a comfortable and safe environment.

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for shopping with Agora. At Agora, we recognize that you have many choices for your daily shopping and I highly appreciate that you have given us an opportunity to earn your trust.

Secondly, we strive to create the best possible experience for you, as we are always committed to our customer through Operational Excellence, Innovation and Continual Improvement of Quality. Therefore, I would appreciate your honest feedback about what we are doing well at Agora and where we need to make our improvements. Listening to our customers is very important to us as we believe every customer is our “Aponjon” and you can be assured that your voice will be heard.

We have ambitious plans to bring the Agora values and commitments to the people in Bangladesh and I expect to meet you soon in any of our Agora stores. Thank you in advance for your time and trust.

Mr. Niaz Rahim
Nominee of Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) Ltd
Mr. Mohamed Ismail
Nominee of Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) Ltd
Mr. Khalid S. Quadir
Nominee of Frontier PE (Bermuda) LP
Mr. Anders Stendebakken
Nominee of Frontier PE (Bermuda) LP
Mr. Muallem A. Choudhury
Nominee of Frontier PE (Bermuda) LP
Mr Farhad F. Ahmad
Chief Executive Officer
Mr Aminul Bari
Chief Financial Officer
Mr Khaled Rasul
Head Of Compliance
Mr Khandaker Nur-E-Burhan
Head Of Commercial
Mr Samir Muhammad Saleh
Head of Business Development
Mr Hafiz Al Ahad
Head Of Human Resources
Mr Mifta Naim Huda
Head Of Marketing
Mr Mir Mohd. Shamsul Alam

Rahimfrooz Superstores Ltd pioneered as a superstore chain in Bangladesh through the launch of Agora in 2001. Its first retail outlet was launched at Rifles Square setting about the journey for a brand which promises “Quality you can trust”. Agora aspires to consistently provide remarkably satisfying and valuable shopping experience through a business that improves the quality of life of its customers and stakeholders.

Providing our customers with fresh, safe, healthy and best quality products are of our utmost priorities.Collaborations with international development bodies such as Solidaridad has proven very successful through guiding mango suppliers in agricultural practices, ensuring fair prices and committed volumes to the farmers. An exciting upcoming project is with another international development company focused on directly sourcing compliant fresh produce from farmers providing them with training, eliminating middle men markups and eventually ensuring fair prices to the farmers and customers.Competency skills of our employees are constantly developed through numerous trainings and certifications in GLOBALG.A.P. and Food Safety Management System (FSMS).Agora also received ISO 9001:2008certification from Orion Registrar, Inc. USA for quality management system.

Agora’s customer satisfaction indexing on product, pricing and customer service results show the continued growing faith of our customers in the brand. The retail chain is the first to introduce an instant formalin checker at every outlet laying to rest any doubts in the minds of our customers. Furthermore, the long-standing agreement with Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) ensures testing and certification of fish, meat, fruits & vegetables are fresh and safe for human consumption at Agora.

Our energy packed team is committed to ensuring an engaging and exciting experience for our customers. We are continually evaluating our product offerings, services and campaigns to cater to their needs. Agora is thankful for its accelerating Active Loyal Customer base. It inspires us to progress further setting in motion to add more excitement to our loyalty program. Changing preferences, especially towards convenience, has not gone unnoticed. The retail chain is already in process to establish a reliable online platform very soon. Rapid expansion of retail presence is also among the top agendas of the organization, thereby expanding reach to our customers in compliant retail spaces.Agora will be setting foot in Sylhet for the first time while further potential locations are being scouted in Dhaka and the major cities of the country. Support from the government has been aplenty; yet more is required at national levels. In the business of providing convenience to the customers, permission for special specified space allocations in residential neighborhoods will be a welcome move for supermarket retail chains.

The market is becoming more dynamic and Agora plans to supersede expectations. We focus towards providing a truly remarkable shopping experience with over 14,000 SKUs available to choose from. The Agora experience is not one of meeting merely daily needs; rather one where the entire value chain benefits the nation. Integrity is the core brand essence of Agora which believes “together we make the change, be our partner in progress.”

Since 2009, private equity fund organization, Brummer and Partners Asset Management Bangladesh Ltd, the local concern of the Swedish firm, and now owns majority share of the superstore.

To consistently provide a remarkably satisfying and valuable shopping experience through a business that improves the quality of life for customers and team members.

We are totally committed to customer delight through operational excellence, innovation, and continual improvement of quality.

1. Integrity in all our dealings
2. Excellence in everything we do
3. Total Commitment to customer satisfaction
4. Thinking ahead and taking new initiatives
5. Valuing & Inspiring people

  • To offer a clean, Fresh, healthy and a friendly environment to customers for shopping
  • To give customers confidence and establish an environment of trust
  • All the daily necessities under one roof and Establish rational prices
  • Develop and promote local products
  • We serve you as a guest not a customers